About mink


One of my new favorite singers. As far as I know, her name came from “Made IN Korea”. I first heard her song on a commercial when I was in Japan, and I found her CDs at the store so I got them… and guess what? I’m addicted (well, sort of ^^;;) But because her voice isn’t high pitched, the instruments seem to overtake her voice when I’m listening to her songs on the bus… And no, I wasn’t attracted to her because of the name “mink” 😛
mink’s wikipedia article can be found HERE♡

The lyrics will be compiled by albums and singles. Albums will be listed in the order of release, while singles will be listed in the order of release under the corresponding year. I won’t be putting up remix lyrics unless something changes my mind to do so. I also did not put up lyrics for cover songs done in English… I may or may not put them up later.

I don’t have her lyrics for the English versions of Rescue Me and Secret Garden included in her Hold on to a dream single because there were no printed lyrics for it. I might try “decipher” it later when I feel like it, but her english sounds a bit muffled in those songs so…


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